Bring all phases of e-Discovery from processing through production in-house with Venio One.

  • All-in-one – Venio does it all, from processing to searching to reviewing/tagging to production. All in one place for all your attorneys and staff to use.
  • Increased Efficiency – The easy-to-use interface and customizable workflows make reviewing ESI easier than any other platform we’ve seen.
  • Visual Analytics are integrated into the platform and automatically generated as ESI is added, making Early Case Assessment and targeted review a breeze
  • Advanced Review, like Predictive Coding and Continuous Learning are integrated into the platform for cases where these technologies are needed

Since we host the platform, you can rely on the technical expertise you have come to expect from One Source Discovery.

We offer flexible pricing, from case-by-case to monthly subscriptions.  Call us today to see a demo and discuss options! 866-673-4797

Think inside the box.

Data collection for e-discovery doesn’t have to involve the time and expense of technicians traveling to client locations and imaging a hard drive in person. It can all be handled remotely and securely – while maintaining chain of custody – with BlackBox.  Learn More.